Service Champion Award Winners

Customer service is the hallmark of KBS’ management philosophy. Each year, KBS selects building personnel who have gone above the call of duty to serve.

Service Champion Award Winners

Customer service is the hallmark of KBS’ management philosophy. Each year, KBS selects building personnel who have gone above the call of duty to serve.

JoJo Anaya

Chief Engineer
Legacy Town Center I, II & III, Plano, TX
  • JoJo has developed strong relationships with tenants and vendors, and tenants trust him to solve any problems that may arise. He is the ultimate team player, and his expertise is invaluable — he works tirelessly supporting ongoing capital and tenant improvement projects, constantly walking projects and communicating with vendors to ensure there are no issues.
  • In emergency situations, JoJo takes control and makes things happen — for example, we had a plumbing leak in a mechanical room, and JoJo’s immediate response was critical due to the amount of water draining from the pipe. JoJo wrapped plastic around the pipe to help direct the water into a large trash can until the water could be shut off, which prevented damage from occurring.
  • JoJo never turns down an opportunity to train, help or mentor a team member. He takes pride in and ownership of his job.

Amber Barfield

Real Estate Manager
Sterling Plaza, Dallas, TX
  • Amber exhibits fabulous customer service, and tenants and vendors always commend Amber for her service and positive attitude. She has a sincere interest in developing relationships with tenants and goes above and beyond to ensure their needs are met. Amber has taken on a new role overseeing the monthly property accounting reports and has done an excellent job turning reports in early and working closely with accounting to ensure questions and edits are addressed in a timely fashion.

Samantha Capps

Property Manager
515 Congress, Austin, TX
  • Sam is ideally qualified for this award due to her unmatched dedication to the performance of 515 Congress in support of the tenants and KBS. She shows excellent judgment in resolving issues and challenges her team to find ways to improve the building. She is great at fully understanding a problem and its cause, and provides multiple solutions before determining which is best.
  • In the last Kingsley Survey, “Property Management” was the highest percentage selection for “Reasons for Likely Renewal” by tenants. We’re very proud of that, and Sam deserves recognition for creating an environment at 515 Congress whereby tenants prefer to stay and renew rather than move to a newer location.

Tripp Fraley

Assistant Manager
Park Central Apartments, Raleigh, NC
  • Tripp helps oversee the day-to-day operations at Park Central and does a fantastic job of building relationships with residents, which keeps retention high. He is kind and inviting, thoughtful and inclusive and always goes the extra mile. More often than not, he knows exactly how to help. And in the few instances where he may not, he will always find the answer and get back to you.
  • One example of Tripp’s dedication to everyone he serves was when a new tenant, who was moving in from another country, was not able to be on hand when his furniture arrived. Tripp stepped in and supervised the placement of the furniture in his absence knowing the tenant would want the place to feel like home when he did arrive.
  • Additionally, Tripp has been working with his team to develop an all-encompassing reference packet to put on the resident portal so new and existing tenants have easy access to any questions and information.

Carla Hyatt

Senior Property Manager
3001 Washington Blvd & 3003 Washington Blvd / Dulles Station East, Arlington, VA / Herndon, VA
  • Carla is an exceptional team leader. She has worked on KBS assets since joining Transwestern in 2020, and her team members love working for her. She is always willing to teach and pass along her wealth of knowledge while pushing each team member to learn and grow in his or her career.
  • Carla enjoys engaging with tenants and is passionate about tenant events. She is very creative and comes up with new ways to engage tenants throughout the year to help employees feel part of the building community.

Denise Swanson

Tenant Associate
City View, San Antonio, TX
  • Denise exemplifies and embodies a positive attitude and is the first to help those around her. Tenants, vendors and team members can always count on Denise to help with wherever there is a need, big or small. One current tenant shared, “Denise is such a joy and pleasure to work with.”
  • With her attention to detail and determination to improve tenants’ experience, Denise is an invaluable asset to our team and a delight to those who work with her. Her passion for providing excellent service and a first-class experience at City View is evident by her demeanor and work ethic. Since joining, Denise helped transition tenants to a new digital directory platform, coordinate monthly tenant engagement events and transition the new security and janitorial teams to serving the building.

LaChrisha Thomas

Senior Real Estate Accountant
Preston Commons, Dallas, TX
  • LaChrisha joined the Preston Commons team in 2021 and is an exceptional asset to the team. She is tremendously detail-oriented, organized and knowledgeable, which are necessities for her role.
  • LaChrisha is calm and collected as critical deadlines approach and offers meticulous and thorough explanations and recommendations while educating the entire team. She is generous with her time and never expects praise or recognition. She is the first in the office each morning and offers a cheerful greeting to the rest of the team as they come in. Her dedication to her work is unparalleled.

Louis Vega Jr.

Chief Engineer
Fountainhead Tower, San Antonio, TX
  • Louis is committed to delivering excellent service for Fountainhead Tower. Whether addressing tenants’ needs, ensuring building operations are running smoothly or working with construction management on projects, he addresses tenant needs in a prompt manner and is beloved by the Fountainhead Tower community. Louis simply brings a smile to all those around him.
  • In alignment with Louis’ service-first mindset, he provided significant support at KBS’ City View building during the absence of another engineering team member. Louis’ dedication and support to those around him show in his ability to adapt quickly to ever-changing circumstances, address items needing attention and resolve them in an efficient and effective manner.

Richard Ware

Security Supervisor
515 Congress, Austin, TX
  • Richard consistently goes above and beyond the scope of his work, earning appreciation from both the 515 team, tenants and visitors alike. He is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all. Tenants regularly express their admiration for Richard in the annual Kingsley Report. His leadership within the team is marked by integrity, professionalism and passion for his job.
  • His small yet thoughtful gestures, such as greeting tenants every morning and assisting with elevator access, make everyone feel truly special. Moreover, Richard’s impact extends beyond tenant feedback. Other property management employees frequently commend the exceptional performance of the security team at 515, attributing this success to Richard’s exceptional leadership.
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