Service Champion Awards

Customer service is the hallmark of KBS’ management
philosophy. Each year, KBS selects building personnel who have
gone above the call of duty to serve.

Service Champion Awards

Customer service is the hallmark of KBS’ management
philosophy. Each year, KBS selects building personnel who have
gone above the call of duty to serve.

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Customer service is the hallmark of KBS’ management philosophy. Each year, KBS selects building personnel who have gone above the call of duty to serve.

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Lee Ann Taylor

Assistant Property Manager
Dulles Station East, Herndon, VA
  • Lee Ann exhibits fabulous customer service when communicating with tenants, prospective tenants, owners and vendors and focuses on productivity and results. She consistently exceeds customer expectations with her diligence, attention to detail and sincere interest in creating meaningful experiences with everyone.
  • Lee Ann is the epitome of teamwork, always eager to help reach our collective goals. She recently helped oversee the construction of our new tenant amenity at the building. She fine-tuned every detail to ensure a successful opening.
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David Vail

Chief Engineer
3001 & 3003 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA
  • David is dedicated to making sure the buildings run smoothly and tenants’ needs are attended to, all done with an amazingly positive attitude. Always thoughtful and considerate, if a customer or team member needs assistance, David is there to lend a hand.
  • In 2022, David oversaw three major projects, including a full-floor tenant improvement project. He is an invaluable asset when it comes to tenant improvement plans and oversight. His involvement kept things running smoothly to completion.
  • David also played a vital role in leading a significant elevator programming upgrade that presented several challenges. He maintained the highest level of professionalism while keeping our tenants’ needs and comfort at the top of his priorities.
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Jill Hellwig

Property Accountant
Park Central Apartments, Raleigh, NC
  • Jill works extremely hard to not only ensure that all financial matters are handled properly, but also to support the leasing and operations team in numerous ways that make their lives easier, and she does it all without seeking praise or recognition.
  • Jill is especially helpful when it comes to budgeting season and reforecasting exercises. She takes a proactive approach to ensure the teams have everything they need to complete annual budgets, and she isn’t afraid to dive into the exercise herself. Additionally, she is very insightful and supportive when completing CAM reconciliation reports and ensuring that all AP and AR are clean and tidy.
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Linda Williams

Day Security Supervisor
Carillon, Charlotte, NC
  • Linda ensures contractors, vendors and guests get to where they need to be and always treats everyone with respect. She helps make our lobby warm and welcoming by greeting every tenant and guest with a huge smile and an audible “Good morning” or “Good afternoon,” after which they can’t help but walk away with a smile in return.
  • Linda embodies the dedication and attitude that is needed to make an excellent security officer and building ambassador. She anticipates the needs of tenants and teammates and truly makes our building feel like home to our many tenants. We are fortunate to have her on the team!
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Mary Tinkler

Marketing Manager
Park Place Village, Leawood, KS
  • Mary exemplifies tenant service by working tirelessly with a variety of tenants to create successful public events and ensure all tenants are included and promoted. Throughout 2022, Mary coordinated over 25 significant public events from concerts to outdoor movie nights, which provided a boost to restaurant/retail tenant sales. Mary does all this with incredible patience and a positive attitude.
  • Mary worked hard coordinating a complete redesign of the property website. The unique retail component of the property required considerable planning and testing to ensure maximum website functionality for customers. The website SEO and Mary’s efforts to build the property’s social media following have helped boost almost all tenant sales above their pre-coronavirus pandemic levels.
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Candy Howes

Janitorial Account Manager
60 South Sixth, Minneapolis, MN
  • Candy is a true asset to the building and our tenants. She did a phenomenal job navigating through COVID-19 with tenants describing her as a “great communicator” along with comments such as “takes pride in her work” and “prompt when addressing concerns with no follow-up needed.”
  • Candy was chosen to sit on the National Safety Committee for Harvard Maintenance, and they look to Candy for best practices for how she operates the team at 60 South Sixth. Because of her dedication to and pride in the building, the 60 South Sixth day porter team was recently selected to be pictured in the “Thank Your Cleaner Day” national campaign.
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Eddie Romo

Assistant Chief Engineer
Ten Almaden, San Jose, CA
  • Eddie is an invaluable asset to Ten Almaden and is well regarded by everyone who walks through the building. He is accommodating and friendly to all. He always says, “Call me if you need anything,” and he makes it a priority to support those who are supporting him at the building.
  • Eddie is also focused on addressing tenant concerns promptly and looks for ways to improve their daily well-being. He ensures that tenants are comfortable in their workspaces and that their maintenance issues are resolved in a timely manner. He does everything that he can to support the tenants and is well respected and appreciated because of it.
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Luisa Tabbert

Assistant Property Manager
The Offices at Greenhouse, Houston , TX
  • Luisa has been an integral part of the team for over three years and has built lasting relationships with co-workers and tenants by exhibiting outstanding customer service. She always has a smile and will be the first to step up and assist. She is a true pleasure to work with, and her positive attitude is infectious!
  • During a recent staffing change at another KBS building, 1800 Bering, Luisa stepped up and assisted with ongoing capital and tenant improvement work during the transition. She never hesitated and took on the additional responsibilities — all while just returning from maternity leave! She also made sure she was available to train the new staff. Luisa’s dedication and commitment to her team are inspiring!
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